Our Sponsor GlobalX launches Matter Centre

GlobalX launches Matter Centre

Property search specialists, GlobalX, has announced the launch of its cloud-based conveyancing software.


The Cardiff based company have been piloting their new system over the summer and are now ready to roll it out across the country.


With over 30 years’ of experience providing property searches with Wales and the rest of the UK. GlobalX has developed its specialist software to simplify conveyancing matters.


The platform promises to make conveyancers daily lives that little bit easier by utilising automation to take care of common everyday problems. 


One of the most significant frustrations identified during the pilot scheme is the amount of rekeying that occurs. GlobalX has addressed this by creating automated workflows, and auto-populated documents that pull the data entered earlier in the journey.


Another benefit of the platform is its ability to integrate with GlobalX’s search platform, returning the results directly into the correct matter. 


GlobalX CEO Mark Allwood said:  “With the release of Matter Centre, we will be providing conveyancers with a low-cost software solution that will enable them to reduce their day to day administrative burden and focus more on fee-earning.”


 “We have already piloted the product with a number of our longstanding clients and are looking forward to seeing how the rest of the UK market responds to this exciting new development.”


For more information visit www.globalx.co/matter-centre